Eyebrow Microblading: What to Expect During Your Procedure

So you’ve heard about Eyebrow Microblading and you love the idea of having perfectly shaped, thick, full eyebrows. You may know the concept of how Microblading works but what does the entire process look like? What should you expect at your appointment?

If you have not heard of or read an overview of Eyebrow Microblading, please check out our blog “What is Microblading?” for more information.

I will first say that Eyebrow Microblading is not for everyone. There are some medical exclusions that prevent certain people from having the procedure performed. Also, there are very specific microblading before care instructions that must be followed prior to your appointment. For example, taking aspirin, drinking coffee or alcohol will cause your blood to thin. Once the Microblading process is conducted, the pigment will not be able to soak and retain the color of the brows due to the thinned blood pushing the pigment out. I want you to have the best results possible! Doing your part to understand and follow the before care requirements is absolutely essential to achieving optimum results. Check out our blog covering the medical considerations as well as the requirements that need to be followed prior to your appointment.

Eyebrow Microblading: Before Care & Medical Restrictions

Let’s Get Started

When you come in for your appointment, you will be greeted and we will begin your paperwork while I talk to you about the microblading process. I will ask questions to learn how you normally shape your eyebrows and what the end result is that you are looking for.  From here I will have you sit down in an esthetician chair and we will take pictures of your eyebrows so we can compare your current eyebrows to the final result!

Eyebrow Mapping

Eyebrow Microblading Brow Mapping

The next step is by far the most important part of the process. I will map your face to determine the optimum shape of your eyebrows. This is done by measuring your facial structure by using your nose, cheekbones, eyes, and brow bone to determine where the start, arch peak, and tail end of your eyebrows should fall. If you visit a Microblading Artist who wants to merely fill in what you currently have and does not conduct this process, this should be a major red flag! You would be surprised how many people have shaped, drawn, or have natural hair that does not fall within the natural symmetry of where eyebrows should be. By conducting this process, we will have a frame of where your eyebrows need to be. This process completely changes a person’s look by having brows that complement the eyes and facial structure!

Once we have the mapping complete, we essentially have a frame of where the brows should be. Do not be alarmed by the mapping! There will be black, blunt lines on your face. Remember, this gives us the boundaries of where the brows "should be" but not the specifics of how your brows will look. Based on your personal preference, we will then work together to customize the desired shape and color of your brows. This is completely customized by you! I want you to have the brows that you want, not the brows that I want you to have. I will give advice based on my experience, but the end result is completely up to you.

Some considerations to think about:

·       Do you want a sharp or subtle arch?

·       Do you want the color to be darker than your hair or to match?

·       Do you want dark and bold or soft and natural?

Procedure Prep

With the eyebrow shape and color consultation complete, I will then apply a topical anesthetic over the brows to numb the area which takes 15 minutes to take full effect. You may have heard that beauty is pain but let’s not be crazy! We want you as comfortable as possible through the procedure. During this time, you are free to use the bathroom, get some water, and sit in one of our complementary massage chairs.  

Microblading Procedure

Once the eyebrow area is numb, I will begin the procedure which involves a first pass of Microblading strokes to define your desired eyebrow shape. I will be using all prepackaged, disposable, and sanitary tools for your procedure. From a sanitized room to the disposable tools, we take every step possible to ensure that the procedure is completely sterile. Your skin is sanitized before the procedure and washed with hospital grade soap throughout. We are inspected monthly by the Macomb County Health Department to ensure that we are in compliance with the latest sanitation standards. This is extremely important to ensure that bacteria and the possibility of infection is not present during your appointment! We take this very seriously.

After the first pass of microblading strokes are complete, I will cover your eyebrows with pigment to soak for around 5 minutes to help the strokes to retain the color.

Eyebrow Microblading Before and After Results

With the pigment soaked into your first pass of strokes, I will then apply a second anesthetic cream which is much stronger than the first application to ensure that you stay comfortable for the remainder of the procedure. With the shape defined from the first pass of strokes, I will be going back and forth between your brows to fill in any gaps and reinforce symmetry. I will then have you sit up to check symmetry and provide you with the opportunity to view your brows and check as well. At this point, we will fine tune any spots to ensure that the shape is exactly what you want. Once all final strokes are complete, I will again cover the eyebrows with a final pigment mask to let all of the color soak in.

At this point your eyebrows are complete! We will wash the final pigment mask and the mapping lines off and then take pictures of your final result.

After Care Review

I will then teach you how to properly wash your eyebrows and go over the important after care steps that you need to follow to ensure your brows are given optimal healing conditions to retain the pigment. The healing process for the procedure is unique. I will be writing a detailed blog post about the healing process in the near future to detail what to expect during the weeks following your appointment. For now, know that the post procedure look is much darker and bolder than the final healed look. Over the next few days, the skin may scab and you may notice light flaking. This is completely normal! Do everything you can to ensure you do not rub or pick at it! Total healing time is about 1 week and full color development is about 4-6 weeks.

Touch Up Appointment

Eyebrow Microblading Healed Results with Touch-Up Before and After

Six weeks following your initial appointment, you are invited back for a perfecting appointment. Due to the different amounts of fatty tissue in the face, we may need to fill in some areas that need more reinforcing. Annual touch up appointments are recommended to keep the brows looking fresh as the pigment will fade due to the semi-permanent nature of the procedure.


We hope that this gives you a more detailed look at what to expect from an eyebrow microblading appointment! Please be sure to check out our Before Care and Aftercare instructions to ensure you are knowledgeable on the steps you need to take for optimal microblading results!

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